Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally, my new craft space is complete.

Hi friends,
As I mentioned last time I popped in, my craft room has been under going a major reno. Well as major a reno that a new house needs!! Up until now my space has consisted of odd desks and tables. That situation had become more and more frustration as I added tools and gadgets to my craft stash, well not really stash as they are the tools I use all the time such as my score pal and my big shot. Even the simple things like my cutter had to live on the floor in between stamping and distressing and embossing and all those yummy techniques we like to use on our creations, as I just didn't have enough room on my little meter by meter or 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot square work table. One day I had had enough and decided to design a new work area for my room. After months at the cabinet makers (family member- I wasn't a priority!) it finally arrived. After a few hiccups (such as a flooded shed and draws not quite cut right) it is finally done and I can't tell you how very happy I am with the results.
 You can see one the old timber desks that  I had been using.

The carcass of the first cabinet. Handy Hubby put it all together.
 I now have a station for cutting, distressing, and the Big Shot.
The natural day light coming through the window is great.
I love Dymo labels...everything has one!
And check out those draws. I'm in organisation heaven!!!
A file for every colour.....Oh what joy

Now all that's left is to get in there and create, oh and a touch of decorating and a few shelves to display my work and that of my fabulous group friends. I hope you have enjoyed checking out my new space. Let's see if it helps my be more creative......... until next time.

Cheers from Dani xoxox

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Reta said...

WOW lucky you its great