Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Boys cards always have me stumped!

Hello, I don't know about you but I always have trouble coming up with boys cards especially if they are over the age of 5!! Today i have made a card for my nephew who is turning 13 this week.

I found this paper in my stash and decided to do something with it, as Rhys is ALWAYS playing some game, xbox, playstation, DS, he has the lot! You might not know but the little pictures are actually playstation controllers....OMG!
At first I was going to layer it on green card and then on white, but it didn't look quite right. Then
i pulled some black out and it gave the depth i was looking for. The stamps are from Kassazz and I used the blue and green inks to draw your attention away from all the pink in the paper. I stamped the shield in black and added the number stickers (creative memories). After adding all the elements i still found the pink was really standing out so I grabbed my fine liner (black) and drew around all of the blue controllers. BINGO it was exactly what was needed. In hignsight I wish I had stitched around the paper in black cotton but overall, I'm happy with the result. :o)

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